Sunday, 24 March 2013

It's the most stressful time of the year....

March has literally been THE most stressful of my life! With assignments, our Sweet Dreams fashion show coming ever closer and working! I felt the need to have a time out and treat myself and after actually obsessing over all the cute little frilly socks in the shops at the moment I found these little beauties in Primark.

 Socks - Primark, £1.50 a pair

Shoes - Dr. Martens (from the outlet in Northampton) £25 each

They will look cute with my creepers and my other recent buy, my beautiful Dr. Martens! I bought them from the outlet in Northampton and when I set my eyes on both pairs I couldn't choose but at £25 each I thought why not get them both! Although I won't be wearing either as I'm back to living in my wellies as the snow has decided to make an appearance AGAIN!

Ellie x